Misspoppywear is sponsoring several models around the world . We are pleased that these beautiful vintage models  want to represent Misspoppywear . We are delighted with the beautiful photos that  these stunning retro girls make for our customers and us.

Here we are introducing them to you :

Idda van Munster:

photo's Muna Nazak Photography

'A vintage girl living in a modern world. 
I feel like I'm ahead of my time and born in the wrong era.
I am a classic lover, anything from the 1920's - 1960's is my passion. 
I'm a huge fan of classic "Old Hollywood" icons.'

Idda comes very close to the perfect vintage girl. She makes the most beautiful pictures with an eye for detail . Currently her career is getting a boost and she travels around the world becoming more famous.


Buttercream Bettie:

Photographer: Brooklyn Brat Images

'Published pinup model. I am a mom a wife and a baker. I have curves and I love to be in front of the camera. I am looking to do local work. I would love to do more in pinup modeling, it's so fun! '

This American beauty has a joyful spontaneity that is rarely seen. This beautiful lady has a cooking column in Vintage Pink Bow Magazine and made ​​a special recipe for a cupcake for Misspoppywear.


Acid Doll:

Photographer: Damona Art

'Acid Doll - The Brunette Beauty.
Your Vintage Doll in Technicolor.

'Modeling since 2002, I find my inspirations everywhere but mostly in eras from 1920s - 1950s, the Golden Age of Hollywood, drawings, art and beauty who’s all around us.
Timeless & classic lover, I advocate glamour every day. I’ve always been fascinated by vintage lingerie, high heels, music-halls, horrors and old movies but especially by the silver screen actresses who are always closer to my heart. This is how my love for vintage started and since then it can’t stop growing.
For me being model is a true artistic and personal blooming.'

Elegance and refinement are my key words and this is what I’m trying to achieve in my work.'

This is a beauty from Belgium , or not totally. She comes like Idda from Bosnia-Herzegovina but lives in Belgium . Acid Doll is a stunning beauty with tremendous grace.


Nina Holy:

Photography:Rafał Wójcik - Analog Photo Style

✦Nina Holy - Polish pin up model, make up artist & enthusiast of Vintage Style✦

'I was born and raised in Gdańsk (Danzig). I lived there for 19 years, and it is where I begun my modeling career. I moved to Warsaw and.. this is where everything really took of.
The range of styles I model in is stricktly related to my interests, that's why it gives me so much fun.My inspirations come from music: rockabilly, rock'n'roll and psychobilly. I also get inspired by magazines and books from the 50's and 60's. '

Nina Holy for Misspoppywear, this beautiful retro model of Warsaw made ​​these beautiful film noir style photos for Misspoppywear ! She has a very sophisticated 30's look! Nina is a versatile model that is suitable for both pinup, rock'n'roll and 30s photos.


Marta Devilish Dimoska:

Photo by: Slave Viktorijoski Photography

'If you want to change the world you have to push your limits and come out of your comfort zone'

This fantastic model is one of a kind. She is not only beautiful but also very intelligent and committed. She has experience in both retro-gothic-pinup - cosplay . Marta is without a doubt one of the most energetic people we know . A great woman with a big heart. She is always positive and has a tremendous ability to do different styles. Therefore she is one of the most wanted alternative models in Macedonia, suitable for  vintage -retro-cosplay as wel as gothic model  .


Nea Dune:

photographer: Amra Topic Photography

'Nea Dune is an actress and established model, born and raised in Croatia. She gained recognition as an internationally published cover-girl and face of many brands around the world, currently focusing on her acting career in USA. 
Based in USA - UK - Croatia, Nea works both as a freelancer and agency rep'd entertainer (agencies in US, UK, Sweden, Croatia). She is a trained dancer & aerialist with 17 years of experience, instructress and choreographer specializing in ballroom and aerial arts - pole dance fitness and lyra/aerial hoop.'


Nea made ​​this Mary Poppins inspired pictures. The vibrating combination of black and red gives these pictures a spicy touch . Especially in combination with Nea 's beautiful silver hair.

Miss MM:

Photo: Z.S.

Let me introduce you to the sweetest Miss MM. Miss MM is a true retro girl. From her childhood she was fascinated by old Hollywood actresses and their beautiful outfits. But not only the celebrities caught her attention, even a ordinary housewife aroused her interest. Miss MM is also wearing retro in her common life. Pin up is her everyday look. But this beautiful model can be both sexy and stylish. Her resemblance to Marilyn Monroe is sometimes astounding. In real life , this wonderful woman is a teacher. Her hobbies are dancing, listening to music and reading a good book. She also collects vintage and has a very nice collection in her apartment. Misspoppywear has sent her this beautiful sailor combination and she looks stunning in it.


Bambi von Backenzahn

'I am Modeling since a few years for different kinds of brands and clothes but the shootings if love most are the vintage and pin up shootings.I'm a model with a great passion and love for the area from the roarin' 20's to the rollin' 50's. I'm having fun being in front of the camera while spreading that vintage charm. I find my inspirations everywhere but mostly in eras from 1920s - 1950s. I never go out without my red lipstick and high heels.
When I was younger I loved to see the great movies with Marylin Monroe being always my idol for a perfect and timeless beauty. I work as a dentist in real life - that the reason for my Name: Bambi von Backenzahn (which means "tooth"). I live in southern Germany near Munich with my husband and my 2 year old son Paul.'


Greta MaCabre:

Who is Greta?

"Classy dose of pure vintage and with touch of mystical macabre"

Internationally published, professional and high experienced  pin-up model, stylist, assistant, VTG / retro fashionista and part muah based in Croatia. Has done several photoshoots including alternative, commercial, vintage, avant garde, haute macabre, latex and pin up (classical, from 20's to early 60's, but also the modern pin-up / rockabilly) issues.

This talented model is currently working on an international career (for example VON50)
Usually she does her make-up / hair / style concepts herself.


Tamara Kamikaze:

The name is Kamikaze – A devilish smile about to take you for a hell of a ride…

Tamara is a Croatian model based in Zagreb. Modeling just since early 2012., but already has an astonishing amount of work done.

Here’s what she says about herself: ” Mostly I do fashion and commercial shoots for all kinds of designers. Have a very unusual face (as I’ve been told) and easily can get into any given role. Open to all kinds of creative work, such as editorials for magazines, beauty shoots for make up artists or hairstylists, shooting new collections for clothes designers, etc. I am a professional MUA so in most cases I do make-up, hair and style concepts myself, and usually provide the whole organisation of the shoot as well.

As a big fan of vintage and pin-up photography I try to achieve the same on my photographs, but with a modern twist. Rockabilly culture and old school is what attracts me most. I’m in love with all the divas (old or modern) that charish that kind of lifestyle, models, burlesque dancers…or just enthusiastic every day people, they all inspire me.”

Miss Lindsay Lane

We are very proud to present to you Miss Lindsay Lane. You can pretty much call her the Dutch Dita von Teese. Style, class, glamour, she has it all.

'I started this blog way back in 2009 to post my vintage (or vintage inspired) outfits only, but slowly this blog grew into something bigger; posting about lifestyle, glamour, beauty, food, what inspires me, creativity ánd also giving you a peek into my wardrobe and life altogether. If you love vintage, cats and glamour as much as I do, I am sure you will like it here!'

My motto: The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.



This wonderful woman laid the foundation of 
the emergence of Misspoppywear. Partly because of her fantastic tutorials on youtube we fell in love with the whole retro look. Ashley is wearing in these photos our super cute Vanessa-candy-pink-stripe wiggle-dress and she looks great in it. You can read the review of this dress on her blog.

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing...kissing a lot. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls."
Audrey Hepburn




We further want  our express our gratitude that we have the opportunity to work with these wonderful women!


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